We offer:Wheat Corn, Bakery Flours,White Cristall Sugar, Edible oils...

- Wheat Corn in Bulk, grad 2 and 3 shipped in 1 MT bags

- provide Foodmanufacturers wiht quality bakery flours  for use in the production of a wide array of baked good:                           

High quality bread making wheat flour  U55STD, with moderate strengh and protein content. Suitable for French Baguettes and all  Bread types, high quality bread and all purpose flour U65STD, Darker colored bread making wheat flour U85STD suitable for flat bread.

all purpose wheat flour U60LPF, Wheat flour for wet noodle with low ash contentU55WNDL, wheat flour for instant noodle U65SFT suitable for cake, confectionary and dry noodle, findustrial wheat flour for animal feeding U 1000, wheat barn the byproduct of wheat milling, used in the animal feeding....

-White cristall Sugar in bulk, Big bags, 50 Kg,  25Kg Bags

-Whole and Skim Milkpowder 

- Edible oils: Sunflower oil, rapeseed oil




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